Mar. 14th, 2016

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Well, now that I posted for the first time this weekend, I feel like I have lots of things I want to say!

HEARD: I have read all the HP books several times over and of course I’ve seen all the movies but recently I’ve started listening to the audiobooks. This morning on my way to work, Dumbledore died again. There is something altogether different about hearing this scene from the book. It was almost like experiencing it for the first time. I felt so much of Harry’s and Draco’s (separate) helplessness. How they both want desperately to be able to act but can’t. I love these characters in such a different way than I did the last time I read this scene myself. It was a little more emotion than I needed on the Monday after the time change. Gah!

READ: Yesterday I read Against All Odds by momatu. (I sure wish I knew how to tag people!) It’s a lovely little fic about Draco working as the Flying Instructor at Beauxbatons and running a Quidditch summer program. Harry’s there to drop off Teddy and winds up filling in as a guest coach. The city of Paris has a supporting role as the gents go on several dates around town. It is just gorgeous! In the story, Draco speaks fluent French, of course. Headcanon accepted.

SAW: The Disney musical Newsies was in town and I got to see it last night. Fun and amazing choreography but totally dull storyline. Of course I shipped the lead Jack Kelly with his bff Crutchie instead of the boring and predictable hetero pairing of Jack and Katherine. I guess that’s what reading gay fanfiction all the time does to a person.


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