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Welp, I signed up for Owlpost this year and writing down all the stuff I love in one place was a fun little exercise. Seems like all the cool kids are doing it, so why not?!

Thanks [ profile] birdsofshore for the template and starting point.

Favorite Pairings:

Harry/Draco is my OTP. ♥

James Sirius/Teddy




I used to love Albus/Scorpius but I haven't sorted my feelings out about their relationship in CC, so I'm leaving them off for now.

I am SO here for:

Humor, snark, banter; witty dialogue; antagonism; jealousy;

Getting-together fics; getting back together fics; friends to lovers; first times

UST; all the pining; denial

8th year Hogwarts; Rebuilding Hogwarts; Room of Requirement; inexperienced Harry and Draco

Both boys being a bit lost after the war; down-and-out Draco; Draco living on his own or in the Muggle world; Harry not going into Auror training; promiscuous boys; Draco without a wand or limitations on magic

Club fics or drinking at the pub; drinking games; public sex; exhibitionism; sex in the loo; groping; desperate frotting

Getting together after canon wives and children, taking care of Teddy together; H&D as dads; domestic Drarry; EWE

Auror fic; auror partners; Unspeakables; Healer!Draco; Potions!Draco; Harry with non-Ministry jobs

Accidental or forced bonding; wandlore; soulmarkAU; potions accidents; lust potions; magical tattoos; amnesia fics; Draco saving Harry's life (either as a healer or as his partner); both boys being broken and fixing themselves and each other together

Side pairing or characters I enjoy: Ron/Hermione; Ginny/Blaise or Ginny/Luna; Pansy/Harry friendship; Luna/Draco friendship; Charlie Weasley being instrumental in Harry's sexual awakening; Narcissa and Andromeda making up; portrait!Snape


I don't normally seek these out but I will read them if there are lots of other yummy things included or if written by authors I've read and trust.

Veela fic

Mpreg; Harry and Draco raising children other than canon children

OCs as main characters

Non-magical AUs

Depression, mental illness, addiction,

All my nopes:

Heavy angst; really dark themes; major PTSD; self-harm, major focus on canon abuse

Hardcore BDSM, knifeplay; bloodplay; watersports

Non-con, torture, domestic violence

Major character death

Voldemort wins AU

Smutty, kinky things that give me a lady boner:

Either of them performing wandless magic; Harry's magic going wild/accidental when he's angry or jealous; descriptions of magic and how well their strengths complement each other; performing magic together by using Harry's strength and Draco's precision; either of them being adept at sensing magic, feeling each other's magic; Harry being super powerful

Praise kink; dirty talk; possessive behavior; any talk about how perfectly they fit together, whether it is their kinks, size, etc.; biting, especially the shoulders and neck; love bites

Fingering, very, very thorough preparation; post-sex fingering; rimming; rimming when sore from sex; sex when sore; first time rimming; rimming with facial hair. ALL THE RIMMING.

Magical sex toys, especially if Draco is using them on Harry. Incarcerous or other magical bindings. I like BDSM when there is a magical element to it.

Desperate, slutty, begging bottoms (generally prefer wanton!Potters not fussed)

Wanking + fingering; wanking in the shower; office wanks; desperate wanking

Muzzy, sleepy sex; intense emotional sex; angry sex

I generally do not care who tops but I love switching for the first time and/or only switching for that person. I also don't care who has the bigger cock, but I love it when they care.

Random things that make my heart sing:

Harry on Sirius' motorbike; Harry and Draco realizing they know each other well from all the years watching each other; Ron as a super competent Auror; Draco in waistcoats; Draco being slightly taller than Harry

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