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So since we last spoke, I went and did a little thing.

My sister got pierced over the weekend. Her, a nose ring. Me, a horizontal eyebrow piercing. It's beautiful and I love it! It was both a spontaneous decision and one I'd been contemplating for some time. So to actually do it was such a thrill!

I knew, however, that this is against code at work. I did it anyway. Partially because I think the code is dumb and not uniformly applied. And partially because a part of me thought maybe I would be in a position to change perceptions. I've been here almost 20 years. I've proven myself. Maybe I will be a force for change?

I made it through 2 days of open rebellion before I was asked to "cover it up." I expected that. What I didn't expect was how hearing that made me feel. Sure, I can go down the hill and buy a bandaid and cover my piercing. But why? Why is it policy in the first place? You know why and I know why. Piercings have a stigma attached to them. I am "weird" (insert whatever adjective you want) or something you can't understand. You are uncomfortable. So you want me to cover it up. And that made me think about all the people who can't or won't cover up what makes other people uncomfortable. Or negatively impacts people's perceptions of them. And I got angry. I'm still angry. And now I have a meeting with my big boss because I asked what would happen if I didn't cover it up. I'm probably not falling on my sword for a piercing, but I want to know the consequences.

Part of me thinks I should probably just put a bandaid over the thing and chill the fuck out. But then: ANGRY STRAIGHT WHITE GIRL RAGE!! This is what I have that I can stand on. So we will see.

I would so love for your comments. And to either be talked off the ledge or be shored up for battle!

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