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In a weekend full of my own fandom "coming of age" I guess it only appropriate that I finally stumble into a disappointing ending. Actually, that's not true. I'm more than a little pissed. But then I'm all, "Calm down, Kerrilee, not everyone has to have a HEA." But apparently I do. Especially after such a promising start. Ah, well, growing up is a bitch.

Tell me, do you have to have a happy or optimistic ending or not that important?
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Husband: wait...I thought you read gay porn. Why does gay porn make you cry?


iPad, check. Tissues, check. Coffee, check.

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So, I’ve had this stack of fics that I’ve been putting off reading for one reason or another. One was over 300k, the other Muggle AU, another was creature!fic and a couple were darker than I normally read. But I wanted to give them all a go because they have all been recced and adored and I just feel like I am not really a full-fledged part of this little community if I don’t read all these gems, even if something about them gave me pause. It’s like my H/D shipper card is at stake here or something. So, one by one I’ve read them. Not one of them has disappointed me or even caused me to just say meh. I have LOVED THEM, just like I knew it would. And it makes me feel like I’m growing up with each one of these I read. Like it is maturity milestone for me. I’m getting so big!!

And now there is one. And this one haunts me. Probably literally and figuratively because it has MCD. And just thinking about it or reading the summary makes me cry EVERY SINGLE TIME. Like right now, there are tears coming down my face. Stupid fanfiction story I haven’t even read is making me cry at my desk. *tears* But I am going to do it. This weekend. The stars are all aligning and I will have the house to myself and I am going to STOP ALL THE CLOCKS so I can ugly cry for hours because I don’t have anywhere to be until evening. I can do it. Right?

So, why now? I mean there will always be stacks of fics I can read. I’ve only begun to scratch the surface. But that is the one story of Firethesound’s that I haven’t read. And FTS is like, my person. All Our Secrets was the first story I ever commented on on AO3, and she was the first person who friended me on LJ. I need to do this for my person! And for me.

BUT—there is also another reason I need to finish that stack this weekend. Because Glompfest starts posting and I’m getting Glomped! Someone out there spent hours putting words into sentences and sentences into paragraphs and built plot and developed characters and added dialogue and all in the hopes that I will like it! As a thank you for me being here. And reading stuff. Stuff that I do anyway because you all are awesome and Harry and Draco are awesome and reading is awesome. I don’t know if there is anything more awesome than that, AMIRITE?!?!?

So, I’m going to read Stop All the Clocks and then I’m going to get Glomped and then it will be a big girl. And I’m going to get my shipper card laminated and then no one can take it from me, no ma’am. <3
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So, a DTH submission doesn't have to actually contain any sex at all? So isn't it just a H/D story then if there isn't anyone doing anything toppy?! Or is there something else non-sexual that is also considered topping? Help me out here.
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I don't know if this is the right way to post it on my page, but I just have to have it here for all eternity.

Thank you so very much [ profile] shiftylinguini

Originally posted by [ profile] shiftylinguini at ART + Drabble: "Making a Move". PG-13. James/Teddy
Title: Making a Move
Pairing/character: Teddy Lupin/James Sirius Potter
Rating: PG-13?( Is this M? I'm horrible at ratings.)
Medium: Pencil
Word Count: 450 ish. Dialogue only, because that is a thing I do enjoy doing.
Warnings: Swearing, talk of sex, a hand in a place, a shirtless Potter.
Summary: Just a little thing, in which getting the circumstances right for Teddy to make a move is no mean feat, and requires no small amount of organization.
Featuring keen Teddy, eager and nervous James, and an ensemble cast of people being bombarded with frantic owl-post. Those poor owls.
Notes: Woo, first prompt fill! For the prompt from [ profile] kerrilee75 which was 'James and Teddy doing anything naughty'. It's sort of occurred to me you might have meant something cheeky like stealing apples haha, but my smutty mind assumed it meant sex :p. And then this isn't even really sex haha.

Making a Move )

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Over Christmas, a friend of mine and I realized that we share a smoldering passion for smutty fanfiction. She, as a writer of One Direction het and I, as a voracious reader of Harry Potter slash, but STILL. It's not every day I stumble across someone IRL that is out and proud about reading this stuff. Anywho, she's just finished 40K of 5 Seconds of Summer she wants me to beta. It's a lower pressure fandom for me since I'm not a part of it, and she's desperate to get some WIPs published. So, win-win.
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"Somewhere out there, beneath the pale moonlight

Someone's thinking of me, and glomping me tonight"

Every once in a while I forget (how could I really?!?) and then it comes back to me and I just feel like singing like Fievel about the fact that some lovely person out there is working to write me some awesome Harry/Draco story and it just makes me SO DAMN EXCITED!! I already love it so much and I appreciate whoever you are for the time you've already put into it.

Thank you to the community, the mods, betas, authors and artists. It's such a cool idea and I'm just thrilled to be a part of it!
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Well, now that I posted for the first time this weekend, I feel like I have lots of things I want to say!

HEARD: I have read all the HP books several times over and of course I’ve seen all the movies but recently I’ve started listening to the audiobooks. This morning on my way to work, Dumbledore died again. There is something altogether different about hearing this scene from the book. It was almost like experiencing it for the first time. I felt so much of Harry’s and Draco’s (separate) helplessness. How they both want desperately to be able to act but can’t. I love these characters in such a different way than I did the last time I read this scene myself. It was a little more emotion than I needed on the Monday after the time change. Gah!

READ: Yesterday I read Against All Odds by momatu. (I sure wish I knew how to tag people!) It’s a lovely little fic about Draco working as the Flying Instructor at Beauxbatons and running a Quidditch summer program. Harry’s there to drop off Teddy and winds up filling in as a guest coach. The city of Paris has a supporting role as the gents go on several dates around town. It is just gorgeous! In the story, Draco speaks fluent French, of course. Headcanon accepted.

SAW: The Disney musical Newsies was in town and I got to see it last night. Fun and amazing choreography but totally dull storyline. Of course I shipped the lead Jack Kelly with his bff Crutchie instead of the boring and predictable hetero pairing of Jack and Katherine. I guess that’s what reading gay fanfiction all the time does to a person.
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Hi! New girl here. Lots of people "don't friend blank journals," and since I like friends, here's my go of it.

I don't write, I read.

I have a 30-50k words a day Harry/Draco habit.

I didn't know Harry Potter fanfiction was a thing until Oct '15 when I read a Buzzfeed article on this subject.

The first work of fanfiction I ever read was a brilliant Draco/Hermione piece but once I read slash I never went back. My OTP is Harry/Draco, but I also love me some Albus/Scorpius, James/Teddy and various deviant pairings of the six of those boys. HP is my only fandom.

I'm a Ravenclaw-ish Hufflepuff or a Hufflepuff-ish Ravenclaw, depending on the day and the test.


I'm a sports lovin', craft beer and wine drinking, lactose-intolerant, wife and mother of two.

I have a buttoned-up office job doing marketing for an insurance company, a minivan and live in the 'burbs.


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