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2017-02-22 07:30 pm
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Claiming my Owl Post stuff


So, um, I wrote a couple things for Owl Post this year.

That whole sentence is just so strange to write. A year ago I was just a lurker with a blank journal. A year ago I didn't even know what Owl Post was. A year ago I would have NEVER in a billion years imagined writing something, posting it and claiming it. Ho-leee-shit.

Okay, so all of you who commented during the fest have given me the courage to claim these poems. (EEEEK!)

Title: Ouroboros
Rating: G

Title: There Once Was a Boy from G's Hollow
Rating: R?

Writing the poems, well, it was hard. And super nerve-wracking. And so TOTALLY FUN!! 10/10 would do it again. So, do I look any different now that I've lost my virginity??!?

Oh, and a quick update on my reading total: 286,659 with just under a week to go. WOW!
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2017-02-01 09:37 pm
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Birthday thanks!!

Oh, dear flist! You guys made my birthday so extra fantastic. I just can't thank you all enough. It was an awesome start to another year. I sure love being able to lose myself in the wizarding world!

Thank you for the messages from [ profile] shiftylinguini, [ profile] capitu, [ profile] _melodic_, [ profile] blithelybonny, [ profile] firethesound and [ profile] anemonen. I loved getting notifications through the day from you all! <3

Also, thanks to [ profile] digthewriter and [ profile] birdsofshore for the virtual gifts! My first v-gifts EVER! And both chocolatey treats. How'd you guess?!?!

But I also want to make sure you all read those awesome b-day fics that were written for me. FOR ME!!! I really didn't know what to expect from my first birthday in fandom. I love the tradition you all have of writing birthday gifts for friends and have enjoyed so many of the birthday fics you've written for each other. I dared hope I might get one or two and I'm just thrilled with the gifts I've been showered with! Hugs and kisses to you lovelies!!

If you haven't already, check these out:

First was Coded Office Missives that Ms [ profile] carpemermaid was so nice to publish a couple of days early so I could spread out my celebrations. It's got some dirty talk and office sexy times and Harry doing some wandless magic that I die for EVERY TIME.

Then the lovely [ profile] _melodic_ wrote me Tender and it is 3k of some serious smut. Whoa. Fingering and rimming and blow jobs, OH MY! But with that smut is some nice love and fluffiness underneath. So, tender really does take on two meanings here. ;)

And [ profile] digthewriter did her thing where the first letter of every sentence spells out the user name. It's called Getting Handsy. The ending just melted my heart!

And dear [ profile] gracerene, although she didn't deliver smut, did give me Harry/Draco with a touch of side James/Teddy. It's called Back to You and it's from her Are You Mine? 'verse, which I just love! This one made me cry (the good kind of tears) and I loved every word. I don't think you have to have read that 'verse, but if you have it makes this extra awesome.

And lastly, [ profile] enchanted_jae wrote a continuation of her Wildside series for me. This is Part 18 so if you haven't read it yet, I highly encourage you to catch up. Especially if you've got a kink for magical tattoos like me. You will not be disappointed!

Thank you all again for all the love!

On another note, I've decided to set some goals for myself for February that I'll save for tomorrow's post. But basically I let myself get a little lost since, like November, and I need to get back to the things that bring me joy. And losing myself in this Harry Potter community just makes me so very happy!
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2017-01-21 12:50 pm

Marching in Cincinnati

Pic spam!

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Rally over, off to march!!

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2016-12-27 09:46 am

Hello and happy winter holidays!

Well, hello friends! *waves*

How are you all? Everyone have/having a wonderful holiday season? It's been such an awesome December with all the advent gifts, daily postings and all-around HP goodness! I've so enjoyed wallowing around in it, but as is the norm these days, I'm woefully behind! We've packed it up and headed to Florida for the week so I'm hoping to catch up on some R&R and some delicious fic reading. Sooooo, since we are in Florida and one does not often find themselves in the Sunshine State, I told the hubs that we were going to Universal Studios to see Harry Potter on our way home! I don't normally make unilateral financial decisions but we would never go if he got a vote so, well, he didn't! The kids and I are so excited we could pee our pants! January 2-3 baby!! I'll be sure to post some pics!!

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2016-09-21 01:23 pm

Eye(brow) opener

So since we last spoke, I went and did a little thing.

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2016-09-14 03:07 pm

slippery slope

Right this very minute I am chatting with 5 of my girlfriends about the merits of watching gay porn and I don't even know who I am! Lol

Harry Potter fanfiction was the gateway drug that got me on to Tumblr, which introduced me to porny gifs and straight up porn, which lead me to becoming the fucking Sorting Hat of porn networks for my girlfriends. Serously, how did this happen?!?

Also, a shout out to [ profile] oceaxe who turned me on (pun intended?) to Adam Ramzi who I cannot get enough of in my life. He has a Periscope account full of riches. Omg, I need an intervention!

Is dinosaur/monster porn next?!

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2016-08-07 08:55 pm

Likes and dislikes

Welp, I signed up for Owlpost this year and writing down all the stuff I love in one place was a fun little exercise. Seems like all the cool kids are doing it, so why not?!

Thanks [ profile] birdsofshore for the template and starting point.

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2016-07-07 05:28 pm

It's the little things

I'm always happy when an Amazon delivery shows up at my door. My today I'm especially excited. Because look!

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2016-06-24 11:22 pm
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Time for a meme

I was tagged by the lovely [ profile] sassy_cissaand I've got just enough time before bed so let's get it! Begin the next answer with the last letter of the previous answer.

01) Name: Kerrilee
02) Animal: elk
03) Girl's name: Kaitlyn
04) Color: navy
05) Movie: Young Guns
06) Something you wear: sunglasses
07) Drink: Sangria
08) Food: apricot
09) Item in the bathroom: toothpaste
10) Place: England
11) Reason to be late: drunk!

I nominate [ profile] carpemermaid[ profile] _melodic_, and anyone else who wants to do it!
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2016-06-05 10:41 am

Happy Birthday Draco

From Tom, who decided to fill the prompt of "shirtless, shoeless golfing."
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2016-06-04 12:24 pm

Party nails

Because a manicure is a must when there is a birthday party to attend.

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2016-06-02 09:43 pm

ISO: User pic help

Hi peeps! Is anyone on my flist an icon maker person? I want a lovely one with Harry and Draco and I don't know how to make. I don't think I want my real face circulating out there anymore. I'd use it on AO3 and tumblr, too. Maybe I'm making this harder than it has to be, idk. Halp!
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2016-05-28 10:30 am


Five years ago we decided to save up for a pool. Five years driving paid-off cars, shuffling that money into savings. Five years for the kids to get a little older. Five years to make sure we were going to stay put in this house. It's finally here!

While the Mister is golfing and the kiddies are still asleep, I'm drinking coffee and reading fanfiction around my pool! *waves hello to all of you*

This is the best day ever!
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2016-05-25 12:41 pm

Wanted: Audiobook Recs

My commute to and from work is about 25 mins each way and since January I've been listening to audiobooks non-stop. I finished the HP series and then moved on to JK's other novels and the Cormoran Strike series. I had downloaded a couple other ones that sounded promising but I cannot get past the narrator's voice and style. I couldn't listen for more than 10 minutes. Pity.

I am really most drawn in by male, British/Irish/Scottish voices. I'm not finicky about the genre, but I don't want to cry on my way to work! I like detective novels, mystery and suspense. I'm also interested in listening to my first M/M erotica if someone has an all-time favorite!
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2016-05-18 11:27 am

I'd Ship That

Thanks for the tag, [ profile] sassy_cissa

If you want to play/procrastinate, consider yourself tagged.

Harry/Draco is my OTP!!!!!! I'm pretty sure that doesn't need to be said, but.... So, I'm not listing them in any of these. And maybe it's because of the fandom people I've been reading lately (YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE) but I can read Draco in other slash pairings, but not Harry so much. I mean, I'll read it, but I can't get immersed in it as easily.

Also, I just read a classic from '05 and it had pairs I've never seen before. Dean/Hermione and Seamus/OFC. I've only ever seen Seamus with Dean or Dean with Ginny. Do pairings come and go in terms of their fandom popularity?

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2016-05-09 12:24 pm

Nothing but a meme thing, baby

Tagged by [ profile] carpemermaid. Thanks friend!

I'm tagging everyone in my friends list that hasn't already been tagged. I'm not sure if there are any of you left, but if so, consider yourself tagged!


I just deleted half the meme because I'm not a writer, so if you want to do this meme I guess you can find the writing questions on someone else's post. Maybe?
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2016-05-08 11:17 am

Pairings and such

After a fun little game Friday night that [ profile] amorette played on her journal and reading all these new pairings because of the May daily prompts I've been enjoying reading and thinking about other HP pairings, beyond my usual favorites. So I'm wondering, is there a pair that you just can't bring yourself to enjoy, your NOTP, if you will, or are you up for anything? Or is it more of a character you can't read no matter who they're paired with?

For me, it's Snarry. I know there are lots of Snarry lovers and I want to like this pair because I love both characters separately. And I used to think it was just that Harry is Draco's and vice versa, but I've read Harry in other slash pairings that I've really enjoyed. Also, feel free to convince me of Snarry is a favorite of yours.
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2016-05-02 08:44 am

Draco Headcanon

I follow Tom Felton on Instagram and he posted a cute little video of himself singing and playing the guitar and looking very un-Draco like.

It made me start to wonder when Tom's Draco stopped being my Draco Headcanon. Even when I'm reading 8th year or Hogwarts Era, it's not him I'm picture anymore. It kinda makes me sad.

Is Tom still Draco to you? If not, do you picture someone else you've seen like Lucky Smith? Or is he all in your head?

Also, I kinda squeed bc he's singing Let's Dance to Joy Division, which is an older little fic by [ profile] femmequixotic that you should totally check out.