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Well, hello friends! *waves*

How are you all? Everyone have/having a wonderful holiday season? It's been such an awesome December with all the advent gifts, daily postings and all-around HP goodness! I've so enjoyed wallowing around in it, but as is the norm these days, I'm woefully behind! We've packed it up and headed to Florida for the week so I'm hoping to catch up on some R&R and some delicious fic reading. Sooooo, since we are in Florida and one does not often find themselves in the Sunshine State, I told the hubs that we were going to Universal Studios to see Harry Potter on our way home! I don't normally make unilateral financial decisions but we would never go if he got a vote so, well, he didn't! The kids and I are so excited we could pee our pants! January 2-3 baby!! I'll be sure to post some pics!!

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Date: 2016-12-27 03:47 pm (UTC)

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From: [personal profile] felixfvlicis

Oh gosh, that view makes me miss Florida. I'm so jealous that you're going to WWHP! I'm sure it'll be a lovely time, I'll definitely check out your pictures! That's a bucket list thing, for sure.

Enjoy the rest of your holiday!

Date: 2016-12-27 04:51 pm (UTC)

gracerene: (HP: Glasses)
From: [personal profile] gracerene
Ooo, I'm missing the sunshine right about now for sure. Have an awesome holiday, hon!
Date: 2016-12-27 07:46 pm (UTC)

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From: [personal profile] capitu
So exciting! I hope you have a wonderful time! :D
Date: 2016-12-27 09:24 pm (UTC)

From: [identity profile]
Ahhhh yay! EXCITING! Have you been before? It's so fun, I adore it! We've been up in NJ for a couple of weeks for the holidays and I am SO ready to drive home to FL tomorrow lol!
Date: 2016-12-27 10:32 pm (UTC)

kitty_fic: (Unikitty // pink)
From: [personal profile] kitty_fic
Oh YAY! Have a great time at Potter land!
Date: 2016-12-28 12:35 am (UTC)

firethesound: (Dr Who chucks)
From: [personal profile] firethesound
How exciting! I just came back home from spending a week in Florida :D Enjoy all that lovely weather and omg you're going to have so much fun Universal Studios!! <3
Date: 2016-12-28 04:21 am (UTC)

From: [identity profile]
OMG, I'm so jealous! Take lots of pics!


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